August 20, 2021 - Software Release Announcement


Hello SW2 users,

An application update will be released at 7pm Mountain Time, on Friday, August 20th, 2021.

Please expect intermittent downtime between the hours of 7pm and 12am. To avoid unexpected issues please, reload the application (`F5`), after the release has completed.

This release will address the following issues:

Backend changes:

  • Fix: Error when changing project inspector
  • Fix: Prevent inspection date from changing after creating post-storm inspection
  • Fix: Correct inspection type when creating multiple post storm inspections
  • Fix: Error when re-assigning inspectors from dashboard
  • Fix: Inspection type glitch
  • Remove archived project from dashboard
  • Add indices for project performance
  • Improve performance of project list and project details
  • Improve performance of findings list
  • Add Print SWMP functionality

Frontend changes:

  • Fix: CDoT inspection type
  • Improve UX in "Print SWMP"
  • Increase max upload size
  • Explain the "position" field in the user form
  • Add action hover & focus styles on buttons
  • Fix: Styles in form checkboxes
  • Add Print SWMP form

Thank you.