The most advanced & complete SWPPP management software on the market.

Perform routine site inspections, manage SWPPP documents, and keep track of your projects in one easy place.

Comprehensive Stormwater Management Platform

With robust features and modern intuitive interface, SW2 is a complete Stormwater Management Platform designed to fit within your organization.

Easy Reporting

  • Determine how your specific sites are performing by running divisional, regional, or national reports.

  • Drill-down into specific projects to learn valuable insights for efficient stormwater management practices.

  • Receive on-time notification alerts to help your team stay informed of routine tasks and critical situations.

Mobile Enabled

  • With SW2, your team can effortlessly perform all aspects of your stormwater management practices, from a mobile device or handheld tablet.

  • SW2 has been developed and tested to work in the field, with minimal network usage, and low power consumption.

Custom Dashboards

  • SW2 can help your team stay informed of actionable tasks and critical situations.

  • Inspectors, site managers, regional managers, and 3rd party users receive customized dashboards with information that is relevant to their role in your team.

Stormwater Inspections

  • Perform and track in-house and/or 3rd party Stormwater inspections with SW2.

  • Use custom inspection forms for site-specific regulatory requirements or individual company requirements.

  • Record actionable findings and describe them with photos, comments, and digital map locations.

  • Secure sensitive inspection data with customizable role-based authentication.

Digital Site Maps

  • View, edit, and customize your digital SWMP site maps.

  • Manage control measures and pollution sources and SW2 will instantly update the project's SWP documentation.

  • Annotate maps with findings and notes, for efficient stormwater management practices.

Document Management

  • Manage SWPPP documents in real-time with SW2's powerful document management system.

  • Upload and annotate photographs to comply with jurisdictions with strict requirements.

  • Lock sensitive documents with role-based authentication.