Intuitive Reporting for SWPPP Teams

The SW2 stormwater reporting platform provides a comprehensive solution to your company's reporting requirements. User-specific reports provide actionable and relevant data to help teams perform effective SWPPP management, at each level of your company.

Real-time custom corporate (National, Regional and Divisional) reports

With SW2, teams can quickly generate reports to discover insights, stay in-compliance, and optimize your company's stormwater management operations. Site-specific, regional, divisional, and national reports provide useful insights into data such as:

  • Number of inspections

  • Number of findings

  • Frequency of carry-over findings

  • Average and Maximum days to completion

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Site Inspectors

SW2 helps inspectors remain on-task with real-time dashboards and relevant notifications. The comprehensive dashboard system allows teams to effortlessly organize their workload, respond to incidental situations, and stay in-compliance with regulations. Using SW2, inspectors can remain aware of overdue items, inpsections due today, and upcoming inspections.

    Site Superintendents and Construction Managers

    With SW2, managers and superintendents can stay informed about their projects, throughout the entire stormwater management process. The advanced reporting system helps managers stay aware of overdue items and effortlessly resolve critical situations. Manager dashboards provide only the most-relevant information, at the moment, and are pre-loaded with advanced capabilities such as: drilling-down into specific projects and managing the workload of individual inspectors.

      Regional and National Managers

      Using the SW2 stormwater reporting platform, NPDES Managers can dive into national, regional, and divisional data in order to discover insights that may help improve the efficiency of their teams. Managers can view regional compliance rates, at a glance, and drill-down into specific projects, to better understand the data.

        Clients and BMP Contractors

        With SW2, 3rd party users, such as clients and contractors, can use the reporting platfrom to view the data that is relevant for their use case. BMP Contractors and Client Users are notified of any actionable findings and may generate custom finding completion reports to fulfill quarterly and annual reporting requirements. Furthermore, the SW2 stormwater management platform is flexible enough that it can be modified to fit nearly all business processes and jurisdictional regulations.