March 3, 2021 - Major Release Announcement


Hello SW2 users,

I hope you had a good weekend!

We're planning to release a major update, today. The release will occur on 3/1/2021 at 5pm mountain time. There will be a moment of downtime (less than 3 min), at 5:15pm.

Since this is a major release that includes breaking changes, users must refresh their browser to receive the latest version of the application. For now, the reloading needs to be done manually. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, however, we are taking steps to smoothen this process for subsequent releases: 1) we're adding a mechanism for the app to automatically reload itself, after major releases; 2) we're adding a new notification that will inform all users of incoming updates and let them know if any further action is required to receive the latest updates; 3) we're implementing a process for the dev team to post notes about software updates, on the website.

For this release, to avoid service interruptions, please instruct your teams and/or clients to refresh the application, this evening or tomorrow morning.

Frontend changes:

  • feature: Divisions UI
  • fix: regulator should not see images
  • refactor: more-lightweight user profile
  • feature: document renaming
  • feature: document ordering
  • fix: finding image slow to load
  • fix: finding image rotation
  • improvement: state management for api queries using react-query
  • feature: added pagination in users list
  • fix: reliability of PDF annotation
  • feature: auto-save PDF annotations
  • feature: realtime multi-user PDF editing

Backend changes:

  • feature: Divisions API
  • fix: regulator should not see images, when printing
  • feature: document renaming
  • feature: document ordering
  • feature: dedicated PDF annotation API (XFDF)
  • fix: finding image slow to load
  • improvement: quicker loading of project detail page
  • feature: inspectors can create clients and contractors users within their own
  • refactor: to typescript. Coverage includes 100% of models, and ~50% of routers, controllers, and - services.
  • refactor: Added src​ directory.
  • refactor: more-lightweight user profile

Best Regards,
Oscar Gonzalez
Director of Software Engineering