Digital Stormwater Inspections

The SW2 inspection platform helps teams of all sizes perform, report, and manage their SWPPP inspections. Manage your projects with confidence and easily generate corporate reports for in-house and 3rd party inspections.

On-site Inspections

  • National and local standardized inspection forms

  • Custom inspection forms for jurisdictions with strict or unique requirements

  • Advanced routine inspection scheduling

  • Automatic route planning to optimize on-site visits

  • Real-time email alerts for upcoming and missed inspections

Findings and Annotations

  • Manage findings (corrective actions, maintenance items, and achievements) that are found during an inspection

  • Automatically carry-over incomplete findings to the next inspection

  • Upload pictures and leave detailed notes. Enabled for jurisdictions with strict reporting requirements

  • Place findings and action items on the digital site map, for easy reference and organization

  • Sign-off mulitple completed findings, at once

  • Automatically notify compliance officers, when all findings are complete

Certification and Compliance

  • Secure certification and sign-off logic to ensure compliance among multiple sites

  • Customized logic to fit your company's business process and policies

  • Real-time email alerts to compliance officers, BMP contractors, and regulators

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