Digital SWPPP and Site Map

Update site maps and SWPPP narrative documents in real-time, as you walk through the site. Keep track of all relevant findings, control measures, pollutants, and notes with an intuitive map editor. SW2 automatically updates the SWPPP narrative to facilitate compliant and secure reporting.


Use our Digital Sitemap Editor to keep notes and add/edit annotations for project specific:

  • Findings

  • Control Measures

  • Pollutants

Add Findings

With SW2's Digital Sitemap Editor, findings can be added right from the editor while you are making annotations. You can place finding images in multiple locations, annotate finding images with custom drawings, and leave comments to discuss the findigns with your team.

    Digital NPDES & SWPPP Narrative

    • Upload existing SWPPP documents and keep them up to date, as the project changes

    • Manage documents in a jurisdiction or division and SW2 will automatically update SWPPP for related projects

    • Add notes, update text, and highlight any document to keep the SWPPP narrative compliant, as the project changes

    • Generate changelogs for auditable document modification reports

    • Role-based permissions can be customized to determine who can upload, edit, and view documents

    Digital Site Map

    • Add locations for findings, control measures, pollutants, and notes

    • Automatically include BMP documents and auto-update the SWPPP narrative

    • Track the history of the project with automatic changelogs

    • Standardized map legend for consistency across all companies and projects

    • Load project-specific control measures, pollutants, and BMP documents, for unique situations

    Intuitive Finding Management

    • Automatically carry-over finding locations

    • Automatically remove completed findings from the site map

    • Place findings in multiple locations

    • Annotate finding images with custom drawings

    • Leave comments and discuss findings with the team

    • SW2 reporting platform tracks all user changes and generates auditable reports